Feb 27 2013
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PS3 Disabling the Trend Micro Web Browser Security

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First off I am sorry if this has been answered in this forum already, i have done multiple searches and while there have been answers to it, none of the answers actually solved the problem. 

I would like to disable the Trend Micro Web Browser Security. I have tried to do so via the browser on the PS3 in the tools section, where it says "Discontinue Browser Service" This tells me to go to the broswer security area, it gives me no actual option to disable the service. 


If i make my way to the broswer security list, it opens to the website for the Trend Micro site, they claim i can disable the service through the account, I do not have an account and I find it really ridiculous that I would now need to create an account to disable a service I dont even want to use. How did this even get activated without me making an account in the first place...and why is there an option to disable it, if that only leads me to a site where I need to pay to use this. The disable button should do what it says...and disable!!!!

Needless to say this security feature is preventing me from accessing websites that I know are safe. If there is no way to actually remove this from the browser, then are their options somewhere on the PS3 that I could set to allow/disallow websites. There are multiple sites I go to that only display "The page cannot be displayed" Now I understand that this might be viewed as a network issue, but it is not as other pages have no problem being displayed.

Now given that their seems to be the ability to disable this service...I am now wondering if perhaps there is another security option that I could enable, that would allow more control than this one is offering? any suggestions there? 

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Re: PS3 Disabling the Trend Micro Web Browser Security

Apr 26, 2016
Hi Schizmit

Did you found a way to fix that issue? my sister's PS3 has the same problem and I have not been able to find a solution.

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Re: PS3 Disabling the Trend Micro Web Browser Security

Apr 26, 2016

Hi there.


Just so you know, you are replying to a post that is over 3 years old. Chances are very good that the OP is not paying attention anymore or they may not recall what they did to overcome the situation. When the last comment in a thread is more than 6 months old, it is strongly recommended that you simply start a new thread, providing as much information as you can.


I will be closing this thread.


Should you decide to start a new thread, it would not be looked upon as a violation of the ToU.



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