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Aug 24 2012
By: thurst306 First Son 2 posts

PS3 Controller won't be detected on PS3 or Laptop

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Hey all,

I have two controllers, one that I got with the system and one that I got recently from a friend. The old one works fine (both on my laptop and the PS3), but the other won't work on either. 

I don't have a cable for the second one (my friend lost it) so I'm using the one cable for both.

Controller 2 isn't being detected by the PS3, but the lights come on. If I just push the PS button without plugging it in the lights on the controller flash quickly. If I do that while it's plugged in they flash slowly. 

When I try controller 2 on my laptop it's detected, drivers are installed fine and button presses are detected, but it still won't work. I tried it on Super Meat Boy and got nothing. Also the laptop won't detect joystick movement, but it will detect the joystick button press (and the others as well). It won't register pressure for the R2 and L2 buttons either, but it detects when they're pressed.

All the lights are on when the controller is plugged into the laptop, and sometimes they will flash slowly. 


I'm thoroughly confused. :\ Can anyone help?

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Re: PS3 Controller won't be detected on PS3 or Laptop

Aug 24, 2012

You need drivers for the PS3 controller to work on a PC.



As for not working on the PS3..... Press the reset button on the back of the controller with a toothpick or something of similar size, and connect the controller to the PS3 with the cable and then turn on the controller. This is called re-syncing the controller


When you connect the controller to a PC, the controller loses the pairing and you need to re-sync the controller

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Re: PS3 Controller won't be detected on PS3 or Laptop

Aug 31, 2012

Thanks, I'll try the reset button. But, it should be noted that I have two controllers. One works properly and the other is the one described above that has the problem. The first one (problem free one) doesn't need to be reset when I use it on my laptop and go back to the PS3. The second one was never connected to my PS3 before a few weeks ago, and I don't have the original cable. I'll if the reset button on that one helps, though... Thanks.

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