Nov 17 2012
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PS3 BlackScreen

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So It was working just fine then tonight i go to netflix, blackscreen. Go to a game, blackscreen. Go to the store, blackscreen. Change Video settings down to just 480p instead of the 1080p... Try again loads, blackscreen.


So i figured well maybe something wen't wrong format harddrive and reset the PS3 to default... Sign into account go to the PS Store (install update) then black screen.

Updated to 4.31 (even though it didn't tell me there was an update) thinking maybe it would fix the problem... Nope formatted again nothing.


So far anything that has to load = Black Screen. I can go threw the XMB just fine no issues until i click something thats not directly from XMB (Games, Netflix, Store).


Still have the 2007 release 40GB CECHGO1 with 500GB harddrive... Everything was working just fine before turned it off then couple days later (today) this starts happening.


So any idea/advice?

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Re: PS3 BlackScreen

Nov 17, 2012

Try different cables and/or do a video reset by holding the power button from standby (red light) for 2 beeps.

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Re: PS3 BlackScreen

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Nov 24, 2012

I have this issue now as well, I had some blu-ray drive problems and did a system restore.   Everything else works fine, connects to my media server and plays videos fine, able to use web browser and install plugins fine.


Everything else, amazon app, netflix app, playstationstore results in a flicker and permemant black screen.  The system light is green however I need to hold down the power button to restart which results in a single beep, still green then it gives me a double beep and shuts down.


I've altered all the video settings dropping from 1080p to forced 720p and there is no change.

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