Feb 22 2013
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PS2 SCPH-75004 Laser Assembly

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Hello everyone,


Today I woke up, and decided I'd give the repair of my PS2 a more serious try than just cleaning the laser (which didn't help). I've been wanting to finish GTA Vice City Stories for a long time, but somewhere in 2007 or 2008, my PS2 stopped reading the disc, or any disc, for that matter. Today, it actually read the disc, but somewhere at the loading screen it took more than 10 minutes, so I decided I should clean the laser. I did that with alchohol and a cuetip, the way I clean CD and DVD players, too. After that, I'd get clicking/rattling noises, so I looked that up and found an old topic about it on these forums. I put vaseline on the rail and plastic thing that goes onto it, but that didn't fix it.


It can read CDs, and I have one game that actually boots up: James Bond Nightfire. However, it barely works, because the images stutter and everything works very slowly. I think replaced the entire motor/laser assembly is the best thing to do at this point, but I can't find one for my model, the SCPH-75004. So basically my question is, would a laser assembly from a the SCPH-7000x also suffice?


Any tips are appreciated,


Thanks in advance.

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