Apr 18 2014
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PS Vita touch screen confirmations sucks!

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I'm playing FF X HD Remake on PS Vita, the game is played using the directional controls and buttons, but whenever I want to save my game I have to use the TOUCH SCREEN to select my save, then click YES,  then click OK and then the little X on the top left of my screen.



Why don't we have the option to use the directions and buttons to confirm this kinda stuff?  Why do I have to dirty my screen with finger smudges for nothing?  

Okay, maybe I'm being a little too picky because I've found a comfortable way to hold my vita so I can press my Save really quick and click the YES and X icons with my thumbs.... but that "OK" to confirm that my game was saved is in the MIDDLE of the screen!  Having to re-position my hand every single time just so I can reach the OK icon with my thumb is so irritating!  


To Sony: Please add directional controls and button support to the Save Game confirmation menus!  Or move the "OK" button to the left or right of the screen so my thumb can easily press it!


There are so many complaints about this terrible design all over the Internet and I can't believe Sony hasn't done anything about it for all this time!    Just because the Vita has a touchscreen doesn't mean that you must force us to use it and only that!  There's a directional pad, 2 analog controls, 6 buttons and a Select and Start button!  Why disable them? 

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Re: PS Vita touch screen confirmations sucks!

Apr 18, 2014

You can save by using the d-pad, analogs, and other buttons. I just tried this out in FFX-2 a minute ago.

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Re: PS Vita touch screen confirmations sucks!

Apr 19, 2014
There is also an option in the vita settings to allow button controls along with touch so you
Can navigate and select with the buttons.
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