Apr 18 2013
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PS Vita save and memory card problem

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Soul Sacrifice demo is out and I'm really excited, download the game, grind my butt on the bed and create a character. I put almost 5 hours into that character and aftr that, the game crash with a message that it has encoutered a problem. Ok, though it was nothing so I started the game again. This time, it said "The file is corrupt" and I almost throw it away. Decided not to and power it off. It auto restart after 2 seconds and this time, I got into the game and press Continue. "The file is corrupt". Yes, my entire evening, gone with he dust. Started the game again and after a while, in Multi mode, it happened again. So angry so I post on the forum to see if you guys care. And because the PS Vita USB Cable is broke down too so I'm really p***** off today. I took 2pictures of the corruption but I'm on the Vita so can't upload it right now sorry

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