Mar 24 2013
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PS Vita official charger/usb clearance BB

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I was just at BB and they have the PS VIta usb and charger cables (Data/Charge USB, AC Adaptor) on sale, actually marked CLEARANCE.


$10.99 PS Vita AC Adaptor

$11.99 PS VIta USB


... also the price of the cradle is $6.99 (used to cost 19.99)


Online the cradle is the same price, but the AC Adaptor is 8.99 and the USB is 10.99.

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Re: PS Vita official charger/usb clearance BB

Mar 24, 2013
Great find, thinking if I want another charger?!?!?!?! I might jump on it as my main one is plugged into the cradle and I hate to have to unplug it when my Vita is dying and I'm in the middle of a game. Thanks for the posting Smiley Happy
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Re: PS Vita official charger/usb clearance BB

Mar 24, 2013

Sweet! Thanks for finding this. Unfortunately, it's in store only (at least the cradle is. I didn't check the other products) and my store doesn't have it in stock. Fortunately, I just called to see if they could transfer it in from another store again (they did this last week on the 16GB Vita memory card) and they're gonna do it and give me the $6.99 price. The lady said it should be here wednesday.

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