Feb 16 2012
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PS Vita first review

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Today I picked up the PS Vita bundle pack from Gamestop after pre ordering it a few days ago. I had never got to have hands on the device, so all I saw were pictures and videos. Overall I am very impressed the Vita, I am happy that I have it. I just feel like getting the bundle wasnt worth the value. I ended up buying a 16 gb memory card for $60, then I will probly get a better case. Plus I thought I would get 30 days free of 3G, I cannot get it to work so far, even after surrendering my credit card, of which att already has it gave me an error to try later. It should be more intergrated than it really is. Typing can be a bit of a pain, always double tapping automaticly, or so sensitive it touches other keys.

When I finally got it hooked up to my mac to start uploading pics and vids, this is where it really gets me, I have many pics and vids but the Vita offers piss poor oranization to properly see them. It even dated some of my pics from 1969 although my camera phone has it at 2010.

The biggest flaw I see so far as a casual user is the organization and intergration to sum it up. Sony, please work on this a little better and I swear I will dump more money into it!

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