Mar 06 2012
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PS Vita and Unit 13

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So after having my vita freeze and black screen with the blue blinking ps light,after doing some reseach I found out that it was the Unit 13 Demo causing the problem. Well I got off work tonight and stoped by walmart to pick up the actual game itself. Very Happy with the game or what you can play with it. After playing it for 5 minutes I lost complete sound of the game,then the game froze. I complete restart of the system fixed the problem and had to restart all over again,was able to play about 3 levels then the whole system froze once again. I was hoping zipper would of figured the problem out before the launch of the title. There was one update avalible for the game,but the release notes said it was for co op. So if any of you out there looking to get the game,yes the bug that has plagued the demo is indeed in the actual game itself. Besides that this game is AMAZING and I hope theres an update to fix these isusses because it sucks playing a level and having to restart all over because the game froze.

P.S I hope this is in the right spot of the forums,if its not im sorry and please move it to the correct spot if possible.

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