Oct 14 2012
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PS Vita Review

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Here's my thoughts, views, opinions, and things that I would like to see changed and add. THESE ARE JUST SUGGESTIONS





Start up time just be shorter. No pressing & holding the power bottom

Make getting into the BIO system prompts faster

Put a power bubble like the notifications bubble in the upper left hand corner to make it easier to turn off system.

At the Index Menus I find it pointless to have advertisement at the bottom.

When adding more pages or moving apps around, make it smoother to transition

In Settings there should be a place where people can send feedback / Reviews back to Sony about the PSV and it's apps

When getting new messages from the social apps there should be a setting notifications to pop up

When getting new updates for apps including games there should be notifications popping up

In the Error History, allow the errors that pop up to be automatically sent back as feedback

Also allow people to delete them





At the Live Area of Photos in the lower left hand Conner there is a short cut the active the camera. I find this short cut  pointless just press the Start button

Try to update Photos to be able to utilize the camera better



When trying to refresh the Live Area it doesn't do anything. Nothing like when refreshing the PS Store. Fix it.


Friends App:

Should be a notification when friend request is accepted


Group Messaging:

In the settings of "Receive Automatically" add 10min, 5min, 1min. I'm a person who likes to respond to messages as quickly as possible


Web Browser:

Obviously needs work. Right now I can look things up & search for pictures pretty well.

There are 2 "Clear Search History" Get rid of 1

Sony should follow in the footsteps on Microsoft. Microsoft had Adobe Flash Player integrated into Windows 8 Internet Explorer. So Sony should have Adobe Flash Player integrated into the Broswer until HTML5 is used more



This would be a great app if only it didn't have to render so much.



Very good app I like it can run in the background while you can use other apps. ALL APPS NEED TO BE THIS WAY!!

However, it needs to allow you to accept requests

There should be an indicator letting you know when you get a tweet or a direct message

There should be a place where you can select all direct messages and tweets to delete them

It should since up to the theme you have on the Web (optional)



Very good app

Needs to allow you to join calls

Add people to a call

Add chat box which would allow people to send text messages

After answering a call when being in another app, it should allow you to go back to what you were doing



Good app

Should be able to run in the background

Needs to operate smoother like the LiveTweet App

At the Live Area where it says Messages, when there is a new message it should tell you there as well (optional)



Very good app

Should be able to run in the background

Add a setting where the newest videos on a search comes straight to the top of the results list

Should be able to subscribe

Upload videos

Go to chanels

Stream videos



Very good app

Should be able to run in the background

Need to reorganized how the videos grouped.

The touch feature needs improvement

I suggest a total redesign of the program.

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