Dec 21 2011
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PS Vita DLC and Backwards Compatibility

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I've read that the PS Vita has backwards compatibility for PSP games that can be purchased online via the PSN network, but what about the UMD games that aren't on the PS Vita? I found an article:

That SCEJ is considering a service to allow users to purchase their psp games from UMD as dlc for a special price. Is there any news on whether or not this could be a possibility for American users like myself in the future?

In addition, I was wondering if who decides which games are available as dlc content for the PSP per region, as there are several PSP titles that are only available for Sony users in either Japan or America. Additionally, is there any way to access the content from the other regions?

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Re: PS Vita DLC and Backwards Compatibility

Dec 21, 2011

@ForteV it is only if that UMD game is on the psp store/psn. also it has been said by sony that there is no plans for that program to leave japan.

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