May 15 2013
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PS Store in Romania

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As An-do-ryu said in a previous post(, we - the Romanian Gamers - are very unhappy. We live in Romania, which, in the eyes of Sony Corporation, is a country that doesn't deserve to have access to services like PS Store , PS Home and PS Plus. After a long chat with some guys from Sony Romania it became obvious that they have no idea when or if we will ever have those services available. We sure do have the option of pirating games, but this is a crime and I am not encouraging anybody to do that, so we need a place from where to legally buy games and content for our systems. As long as we pay for consoles and therefore console games, we want to have support. Now, with the launch the new PS4 just around the corner, we hope for a miracle that will make our game experience better.

P.S. : If you know any email address where I can send this in order to be seen by the right people, I would appreciate that Smiley Happy


These are a few open threads : and even a petition

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