Dec 30 2013
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PS Store Wishlist

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- faster startup and faster overall

- wishlist option to go back to movies/games you want later

- 48 hour rental time for movies

- recommendation link for friends

- alphabetical sorting of download list

- more old PS1 & PS2 games, especially ones that never made it out of Japan

- ability to use credit card on Japanese store, or access Japanese store without faking address

- ability to see other games/movies from the company it's by (like if a game is by Capcom, highlight Capcom's name on the game's page and press X)

- search by company, year or rating, at least in the website version


Thanks for the great store otherwise! I like the new improvements, and the overall look and presentation MUCH better! Have bought way too much as it is.

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Re: PS Store Wishlist

Dec 30, 2012

I wish people would stick to one store thread per topic. Yours is at least unique but the multiple "I hate the Store" and "Change the store back" threads are getting ridiculous.

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