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Re: PS Plus is a failure on PS4!

Feb 10, 2014
This escalated quickly. Hey reasonable people! Lets leave this thread and ignore the stupidity that corrupts it.


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Re: PS Plus is a failure on PS4!

Feb 10, 2014
Sony has already stated the money will go towards making the services better, but you can't go expecting things to get better overnight..


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Re: PS Plus is a failure on PS4!

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Feb 10, 2014

Black0Panther wrote:

  1. No matter what it is agaisnt the law to jail brake stuff. These companies can now press charges if they choose to. Just cause they dont doesnt make it ok to do it.
  2. Second of all Sony isnt going to end there Pay service cause a few of the users either have bad web and refuse to get better or dont want to spend to get better cause they cant aford it. That is no tthere problem if users cant afford simple internet.
  3. Far as Jailbrakes putting Sony in tight spot. Just perm ban every one of them. Sony got money for system origionaly.
  4. also with data caps. Not every one can download a 50 gig botleg eveyday. My old ISp had 150 gig limit. That be 3 bootlegs and im done not counting my other web use.
  5. Also many ISps also watch for this kind of stuff and will turn your web off if caught. Dont say that cant be done. I know 2 people who was having fun and got caught.
  6. Far as the Free online. Stay on PS3 your good for year or so. Then who knows. Steam again witht he over priced hardware your paying for online.
  7. Far as Nintendo. Some one posted  alink there looking for a merger or a buy out cause there doing so bad. Either way it is what it is.
  8. But theres no reason for you to even post on plus or PS4 then seeing all you post is crap its not free and I dont like it.

  1. It may be illegal, but like I said, the law doesn't stop some people.
  2. It's not because I can't afford it, it's because it's not offered where I live. There's a difference. Unless Sony is providing their own ISP, requiring PS+ for online multiplayer isn't some kind of solution to all problems that are hindering online multiplayer.
  3. That's assuming they go online with it. Without free online multiplayer, they have one less incentive to actually take their console on line.
  4. Unfortunately, data caps hinder legit users, too.
  5. Yeah, some do. However, I imagine the Snowden incident got more people thinking about this kind of thing and looking into what they can do about it.
  6. That's what I planned to do, however, I might just design my own steam machine from PC parts.
  7. Their company wasn't bankrupted by the Virtual Boy. I don't think they'll be going down with the Wii U.
  8. If you enjoy PS+, good for you. However, please don't shove it in other peoples face's or try promoting by confusing people with the free games that stop working once your subscription expires until you renew it. I probably wouldn't be complaining about PS+ if it wasn't required for online multiplayer for retail PS4 games (which is what I mean by trying to shove it in people's faces). As for the PS4, it's not a bad system, it's just being held back by a bad policy. And if you're wondering why I keep posting, I'm trying to remain hopeful on that this may only be a short term requirement.
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Re: PS Plus is a failure on PS4!

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Feb 10, 2014

Can anyone in this thread tell me a point for or against PlayStation Plus that has never been raised in the General Forums?




You sure?




Edit: Thread has run its course, and is now locked.



Seriously, I understand the persistence of wanting your ideas to be heard, but, guess what? You've been heard. All of you. All you're doing now is burying newer threads/subjects. Please stop.  


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