Apr 25 2014
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PS One Classics: DRIVER

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hi everyone, 


it's weard to see that EU stores having more contects than the US without to mention that it is the same company ! sony playstation trade mark games ! so they can puplish it any where ! why we don't see the same contents on the US store as well !


i was looking for many psone classic games as they are finally on vita here on us store, EU stores had it for year or even more, 


i have 2 vita systems for me, and my GF so we i was ding to play psone classics and finaly here ! happy about crash bandicoot and looking for more. i hope sone to add more games ! i'm looking for 

DRIVER and Tarazan hopefully to get them someday on ps vita ! 





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Re: PS One Classics: DRIVER

Apr 25, 2014

Driver and driver 2 were great games for sure.


Does the EU store have these games?


There was another car game for Ps1 or PS2 that I really liked.


It was almost like a car sports game.  You race over some hills and mountains to pickup items, then try to race them back to your starting point or goal, enemy players could ram your vehicle and steal the item from you.


The maps were way bigger then they needed to be, you could drive for miles in any direction, up mountains, down waterfalls, etc.


Does anyone remember this game?  Would be great on VITA for sure.

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Re: PS One Classics: DRIVER

Apr 26, 2014

yes mate it's available in the EU store hopefully it will come soon

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Re: PS One Classics: DRIVER

Apr 26, 2014

US store has Project Zero aka Fatal Frame. EU doesn't have it.


I'd say we got shafted a lot more.

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