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Re: PS Now Beta testers have to pay to play

Jun 20, 2014

Titanfall is going to be free all weekend according to the news, but PS4 Beta Testers have to pay up. 

How's that grab ya? 

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Re: PS Now Beta testers have to pay to play

Jun 20, 2014
The point is, they've passed the point of beta testing bugs and the service itself.

Now they're testing market prices to see how things stand with consumers. They're not just gonna ask a survey or something and say "how much would you pay?" Because people can say one thing but do another. If prices are too low, they'll see people frequently using it. If prices are too high, they'll see that the price point they're testing is wrong. Or maybe only one rental price will be being bought but one is completely ignored due to price.

So then when the service launches, they can price accordingly to data collected
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Re: PS Now Beta testers have to pay to play

Jun 21, 2014

Nope. I don't support this mess. This isn't Kickstarter or Steam Early Access. We didn't ask for that kind of mess. Everybody expected them to set the prices for the Open Beta. It's the Closed (Private) beta users being forced to pay for something in this pahse that isn't sitting well. PS Home beta never charged for anything in the Closed beta. It was only went it went Open did they start it. Endorsing this is going to give other publishers free reign to do the same with their Closed beta just to make a quick buck.


Something else that made me mad about what they did with the closed beta: Took games out of rotattion AND the "purchased" games list that weren't launched yet just to make you pay to test. They only left the games that you already started... I quit testing it.

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