Apr 24 2014
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PS MVP Podcast

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Episode 1 can be downloaded right here (right click save as) 52.3 MB 57:13


If you would prefer to listen in youtube form, head over here:


We still have a long ways to go, but I think it's a decent start. We still need a cool intro tune if someone is up for it.


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Hello all. A group of the MVPs have gotten together and set out to record a community podcast for the Playstation Forums. We are calling it the PlayStation MVP Podcast (PS MVP Cast for short). We aim to talk about PlayStation from a gamer’s perspective. While the members of this cast are here because they love PlayStation just note we aren’t PlayStation Employees (see link in my sig). We also are not the Sony Defense Force, if we do not like a move Sony or the PlayStation brand makes we are going to tell you that and why.


The members of the cast are:




 and myself


Now that that’s out of the way we are planning to record our first official episode on Monday April 21st at 9 PM EST, 6 PM PST. If you are interested in listening live feel free to head to our google hangout:
(Link will be posted here once the cast starts)


Now for the important part, once our first official episode is up we need your feedback. Tell us if you think it went well and why. If you didn’t like it as much please try to give us some constructive criticism as to why. Additionally we are going to want community involvement as well. If you guys have questions, topics or segment ideas you think we should consider simply PM them to me and we will see what we can incorporate.


Lastly, another idea we want to incorporate is some type of community spotlight. We are still currently working on how that will look and what it will mean, so any thoughts you have on that feel free to send along to me as well via PM.


This post will be re-worked as we go along depending on what changes.


One final note, if you are good with music  and would like to make something we could use as an intro and would be willing to let us use it (and possibly monetize to cover hosting costs), feel free to get in touch. Keep in mind it cannot contain any copyrighted material.


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