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Jul 18 2012
By: FORMIK Sackboy 611 posts

PS Contribution: Friends Made From Across the Pond

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Last October, I corresponded on Google+ with some people who had similar interest not only in gaming on the PS3, but the anticipation the the PS Vita. I added them to my "Geeks" circle, many of whom are avid gamers. They ran a small gaming site, and after some discussions, asked if I would write an editorial for their site. I accepted, as it sounded fun to contribute to a gaming site.


Since then, I have become friends, albeit online as my wife points out, with a group of good guys both here in the US and in the UK, and the six of us maintain our gaming site with articles about gaming from various categories to include that of the PlayStation variety. I act not only as a contributor to the site, but as "grammar police" by editing articles. I've also taken up an interest in interviewing, and while I've only conducted a couple of them, it has been a fun learning experience that I look forward to continuing. I have a great time writing reviews, editorials, and simply collaborating on our common interest of gaming.


Playing video games is a great hobby, and I've built up a list of some interesting people on my friends list I keep in contact with on the PS3 and Vita. But having met with and because of the friendships, now work on a gaming website as a result of my interest in providing my contribution to PlayStation has taken my gaming passion to another level (pardon the pun). I look forward to the holiday season, not only because of the great games, but because of the conversation among us gamers about what has been in development for the months to come.


Now hurry up, PlayStation All-Stars! I've been wanting this game for years.

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Monster Hunter
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Re: PS Contribution: Friends Made From Across the Pond

Jul 19, 2012

sounds really cool, to branch out to people in the digital realm. i remember not wanting to embrace the "online" experience. but who knew that online gaming could bring people together in more ways than just games. 


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