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Aug 26 2012
By: Lethaldoseofmind Monster Hunter 36 posts


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I was 11 constantly playing my SNES and NES at the time not paying attention to anything but games and games, but once my father walked threw the door in October of 1997 my little heart stopped with the first Playstation I ever saw with the first three dimensional fighting game I ever played "Tekken".As my eye widened from a brand new system and my father hooking it up, From that day in a Playstation family was born. Waking up extra early for school just to play a good hour of games before I had to get ready for school for many years to basically bragging to all my friends at school " I GOT A PLAYSTATION" when it first came in threw my door. The day grew to years with more games to play (Final Fantasy 7 8 and 9, Bloody Roar, Crash, Legion of Legia, Brave Fencer Musashi and so many more) it became overwhelmingly endless games for an endless gamer. Days and night Blurred together then before it even had a chance to end 2000 hit with the Playstation 2

I Believe  at the time I was 13 or 14 but I was not worthly in begining year of a Playstation 2. I sure do remember bothering my parents EVERYDAY for a whole year for one, going to my friends house playing there's constantly just getting completely drained everyday I didn't own myself. Sitting around between 3 to 4 friends passing the controller around playing Tony Hawk Proskater, Final Fantasy 10, Grand Theft Auto, Marvel vs Capcom 2 is how I remember playing Playstayion 2. The memories still one of a kind with gaming became a lot more Social and fun screaming at other people instead of my Television. As summers became "inside activity starting" and nights and days all looked the same with a blanket over your window,but once I moved out of state with my family Playstation 2 became my life with not a person in the world other then your parent and your Playstation to play DVD'S and games. Days to months of playing my Playstation with no school and more then enough time in the world. Texas was too hot for me so I decided to stay inside (obviously)  just with more games to play inside became the place to be instead of 100 plus weather outside.

BAM! 2006  I remember clearly getting my Playstation 3 at 599.99 20gb/ Blu-ray Player with resistance, Call of Duty 3 and Heavenly Sword.The day of Playstation Evolved and once again blew my mind out of my head. With Blu-ray support for videogames and the SISAX  and wireless consolers that you can charge.. I was speechless and from that day on Playstation has been in my house. Year pass as my Father has moved on to other things like PC gaming but just like everyone I know. I sooner or later convert them right on over. Showing him that he can play online with other people and not many but sum games are "Keyboard, Mouse cap." from converting my bestfriends to my girlfriend and my father once again the Playstation Family became one with weekly games with my mom and dad to play LittlebigPlanet to Playing Blackop Zombies with my best friends and my girlfriend. Ive had a lot of Experience I think with Videogames but Playstation Sank my Battleship since day one

Now owning a 160gb Playstation and games of great value come out monthly as Zen Pinball 2, Borderlands 2, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Resident Evil 6, Black ops 2, And PLAYSTATION ALL STARS. Everygame right there is going to be owned separately in this household for the time ticks very fast with my whole Family playing our Playstations together for many experiences.  Thank you Sony

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Aug 26, 2012

Good story :smileyhappy:

"You must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not then they are enemies to be feared."

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Aug 26, 2012

not bad great Family experiences.

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