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Re: Old PS?

Aug 26, 2011

YemeniLuigi wrote:

     Yeah that's what I was thinking.  They always have good deals and good ways to get games and systems for less.  If I would get one, I would probably just wait until there's something going on at GameStop, because these systems are too much money.

     BTW, did you know the 3DS's price was lowered $90 just so it can be in competition with the PS Vita?  It's $169.99 and the PS Vita is $234.99 I believe.  They should lower that.

Battlefield 3 is coming up, along with MW3. Which will be the victor?

The 3DS was discounted mainly because it didn't sell very well at $250. At $170 it is the same price as the DS-XL so it should sell better.

The Vita will sell for $250 and for $300 for the 3G version, with all the technology they are packing into this system I think it would be difficult to lower the price any time soon...

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Re: Old PS?

Aug 27, 2011

     Yeah I kind of told myself I should change that last sentence from my last post.  For a product that good, it is at a good price. 

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