Sep 12 2012
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Off Topic Sound Shapes thread.....

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Has anyone else played this game?


I think it is great, and I just got the Platinum, it was my very first one Smiley Very Happy

I would love to see it represented somehow is PASBR........but thats a very slim chance lol

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Re: Off Topic Sound Shapes thread.....

Sep 12, 2012
I love it! Harley convinced me to get it
My first platinum too and boy did I have to work for some of those death mode challanges

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Re: Off Topic Sound Shapes thread.....

Sep 20, 2012

I got this game based on the recommendation of a friend and have a blast with it!  It's a great early morning game to chill to and just hang and  have a fun time.  Level editor is fun and love to see how all the different sounds come together.


This game is fun and chill and artfully done. I recommened it to everyone looking for a downloadable title!

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Re: Off Topic Sound Shapes thread.....

Sep 22, 2012
I try deathmodes, but i always miss them by a second.
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