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Re: No More Faith in Playstation

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Jun 19, 2013

Sheet-_-Man wrote:

Ok... I guess I'm done with playstation. I mean really... what's the point of having an online gaming console, that's always locked out of the network... or whatever it is that Sony is doing that stops me from signing in, and playing online... oh, and lets not forget that YOU MUST BE SIGNED IN TO USE NETFLIX ALSO! But yeah.. Sony, you guys can just keep trowing out fake **bleep** error messages that tell people there's something wrong with their stuff, and it's you, and you're crap servers or whatever. How can there be a problem with my connection when I'm online right now? 13mbps downlaod, 1.2mbps upload, direct connect to modem, and that's too weak to connect to playstation servers? I guess I should get a better job so I can get a Xbox360, and pay their stupid online fee... It's gotta be better than getting retarded error messages that don't tell you anything other than, "we don't knoiw".

So, your basically not happy with anything huh? There's no pleasing you then. You can either stop playing, choose Nintendo, chose IOS gaming, or accept and just play what you have. Because ranting about it gets you nothing..


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