Jun 21 2014
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Next Generation DC Universe Online

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  DC Universe is probably the best game on PS4 in its expansiveness and variety it offers in gameplay. This is probably the most promising MMO out there. To be honest it is the first to make you want to buy all the DLC to continue the experience, which has enough variety to create a new one every time play. Sony, this is what we want and free to play for the old version is great, but I will shell out for a next generation version. This title is a platform seller and offers gameplay for almost any variety. Make it bigger and add elements such as evolving conditions based off events happening realtime.


The other feature is more natural activities of the NPC's in the environment to bring more life to it. Finally add more detailed and destructive environments. I think a grahic art style may also be a good change, if you can capture its grit. If not stay the course but bump up the graphics and effects. The DC Universe community is a large fan base to tap into. Sony you have a gem do not let this title fall by the way side. Listen to the gamers this is a triple AAA worthy title. Make this title the poster boy for Playstation Plus, since you can keep it going without a limit. We want the next generation DCOU now and use the Frostbite Engine or the one being used in the Division.



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Re: Next Generation DC Universe Online

Jun 21, 2014

DCU has not and will not change anytime soon. i'll agree it is an ok game but also it gets boring after a while.

as for the realtime events, they'd have to make it a pay to play if they were to add all that. having random realtime evenst means someone has to be triggering them 24/7 like Square does with Final Fantasy Xiv.

beside DCU is still going strong, the people who made it know it is no where near the end of its life. sorry to say but what you got is what your gonna keep.

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