Nov 20 2011
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New to ps3, a couple of questions.

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My original plans were to buy an xbox, but I was more familiar with playstations since I had owned both the first and second one. So my friend who had offered me his old ps3 for free and gives it to me, I'm happy. Now I add some friends and whatnot after making a master account and I go to chat with them, I realize there is no way we can chat during battlefield 3. IS THERE ANY WAY? EVEN ONLY 2 PERSON PRIVATE VOICE CHAT. Yes we tried the ingame chat in battlefield 3, not everyone got to make it into the squad and those who did could barely hear eachother. Mayby having no voice chat works in a lone wolf BS game like modern failfare 3. But we need some kind of voice chat EVEN JUST 2 PERSON NOT EVEN FULL PARTIES JUST 2 PEOPLE PRIVATE.

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Re: New to ps3, a couple of questions.

Nov 20, 2011

I don't play that game, but the reason for that would be they don't want people on opposite teams talking to each other and spying for the other team.  You have to be on the same team (or squad, I guess) or in some sort of free-for-all game.  You can start a private chat outside of any game from the XMB, but not in-game.  You may want to play around with your mic/sound settings there before trying it in the game.

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