Sep 07 2012
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New Zen Pinball 2 question

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OK So I was playing it earlier for just 45 minutes..The Avengers, Excalibur and Mars tables..Mostly on Mars but anyways I ended up getting 2 out of the three Gold Trophies..Didnt get the one on the very top of the list..Did anyone else get these rather quickly and thought they were far too easy to obtian since all the silver and bronze trophies are a **bleep** to get??? Or did I just get lucky and played the tables just right?

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Re: New Zen Pinball 2 question

Sep 7, 2012

They are just easy trophies.  The table-specific ones are much harder.  The last gold trophy could be hard, to get 150 million points; my highest score (I think) is about 75 million on the X-Men table.  I think it could be easy on that one but I don't remember how to increase the multiplier and haven't looked it up yet.

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