Nov 24 1999
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New Stuff.

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I would like to see more games like Resident Evil, where you get scared just playing them. I've played the game Blue Stinger on the NEW Dreamcast, and it just does'nt measure up to any of the Resident Evil games, or even to any RPG games on the Playstation. I love being just in sheer fright or petrafied at the sight of a new villain that I havent seen or that I don't know what they do. It's like a drug, I stay up all night long just for the rush of a new fright or a new discovery in the puzzle. I wish there was a game created that is so hard and so difficult and scary that it would be one of the first rated "R" games for the new mellenium. It should be based in the new mellenium time frame and consist of a world puzzle scheme, where you would travel through out the "NEW WORLD" and destroy an array of aliens, goons ,and monsters all brought on by the new mellenium. Like a twisted mix of Resident Evil, and Final Fantasy VIII. Just with a bit more detail, on the hardness of a goon to kill, and the puzzle on how it came about. EX. You think you kill a goon, but when you walk by it , it attacks you untill you knock it's head off, or decapatate it. Then when you need to move objects around the room, you would also need to move the dead corpses out of the way, and or throw them as a distraction or deture of villains.

This is JonDoe's ultimate video,arcade,action,adventure,shooter playstation 2 video game idea poured out on electronic paper. Use it to your advantage and cultivate it and sell it to the public. Shure buyers among the young and old 90's gen.
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Re: New Stuff.

Sep 3, 2012


The King of the Cosmos, Twinsanity Crash Bandicoot, Kazuma Kiryu and Abe for All-Stars... I hope... as DLC maybe...

...oh, and curry and rice is bloody brilliant - just saying.
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