Aug 18 2011
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New PSN name...

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Ive had this PSN for a long time and its the one I purchased the Cold Front map pack on for SOCOM Confrontation.

About a month ago I created a second account because I've been wanting to change it. From what I remember when I popped in Confrontation on my new account the Cold Front maps just showed up. I'm pretty sure thats what happened.

But I've come to dislike my second PSN name choice so I created a third one about an hour ago. For some reason I cant figure out how to be able to play Cold Front maps without buying them again. Are you only able to do that once or am i missing something?

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Re: New PSN name...

Aug 19, 2011

I think it should work for any accounts on your system, as long as you have your first account (the one that bought it) and the DLC on there.  Maybe try reinstalling it?

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