Mar 09 2012
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Netflix terms of use/ps3 frozen on screen

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someone please help.

i turned on my ps3 and went to netflix as usual.

there is a new terms of use and privacy policy to accept.

my ps3 controller will not do anything at all.

i can't accept the terms of use..i can't even use the PS button to exit out of netflix.

i can't even turn the system off.

i had to manually turn off my ps3.

i tried netflix again assuming it was an error..

but the same thing happened.

i can't do anything..

all i want is to click 'i understand' and i can't.

anyone have the same issue??

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Re: Netflix terms of use/ps3 frozen on screen

Mar 9, 2012

problem taken care of.

i went on the netflix site and accepted the terms of use on there.

then when i went to netflix again on my ps3 the terms of use popped up to accept.

only this time i could move left and right to select 'i understand'.

hope this helps if anyone else comes upon this issue.

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