Jul 18 2012
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Need help

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Ok so we have 2 systems in our house one is mine and one is my girlfriends. She just bought red dead redemption from the psn store. We live in the same household and have the same IP address. She did some reading and read that "Downloads can be downloaded to 2 systems" She already has it on her system.  she wants to download it to my system. But everyone i talked to started messaging "Gamesharing gamesharing" I kind of think that would be ridiculous if its the same IP and same household if they ended up perma banning me and my gf because she wanted to give me a game she bought. any thoughts on this.

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Re: Need help

Jul 18, 2012

I don't see a problem with it.  You are in the same household.  The only problem I have when it comes to gamesharing is when, its two complete strangers and they are trying to rip one another off and also stealing others people information and mess up their account.  They actually think it got hacked but it was their own doing. You guys should be fine, if its the same household.  I believe its 2 per household.  Don't ever gameshare with a complete stranger, not even on a secondary account!   

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