May 09 2012
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Need help with a ps3.

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Hey guys I am in need of some help with a ps3 a friend gave me the other day. When he gave it to me it was a YLOD and I was able to repair that. Then while putting the blu ray drive back in the ribbon clamp on the board broke. I was able to get the drive working by holding the ribbon with my finger. While trying to figure out a solution the ribbon had eventually gotten so messed up the drive no longer seemed to power up at all. The power cord is still plugged in and It should at least power up..Like I would still be able to hear it spin but it just does nothing.. There is a disk in the drive. I would aslo like to point out that the sd card ribbon some how got taken off there and lost. I know I can order one of those for cheap but my question is......1..Does the blu ray drive need the ribbon cable to power up and 2. Does it need the sd card ribbon plugged in to the sd card reader and to the MB for the blu ray to power up being it is right beside the blu ray power cable?Before I attempt to order the blu ray ribbon cable and sd card cable I just wanted to know if these causes could be my problem. The ps3 in question is a 1st gen 80GB 4 usb model. Also I need to know what ribbon to order for that drive from what I can tell it should be a KES-410a if that is correct if not please give me some insight on it...........THank you in advance.

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