Nov 20 2012
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Need game under $2.00

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So i'm getting the 3 month ps plus tomorrow but that will leave me with 2$ so can you suggest any little addicting games?(I checked the ps mobile thing and found that panic and rebel looks pretty cool but i can't be sure). THANKS!!!
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Re: Need game under $2.00

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Nov 20, 2012

I'd recommend rebel for 2 dollars. I haven't bought it personally but i've read on other boards that people were having fun with it so i don't think you could really go wrong there. Have fun with whatever you choose. 'A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks' is also a fan favorite (i have this one and it's actually pretty good).


I heard from someone that Jetpack Joyride should also come out tomorrow but i can't confirm that at the moment plus i have no idea what it would cost.



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