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Need TV/Monitor

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I got a new TV yesterday and hooked it up to my playstation 3, it's a samsung B2330HD Wide LCD. I hooked it up via an HDMI cable and the picture came out looking first. When I was in the menu everything looked great, but when I put tested Uncharted 2 and CoD Black Ops, I could see a lot of sharp pixelation effects all over the place, I managed to get rid of most (Notice how I said most, not all) of this by completely turning off the sharpness on the TV settings, but that in turn created a blur effect and now it's hard to see enemies and things off in the distance in Black Ops. I tried switching out my HDMI cable for my Dad's and it cleared up a little bit more of the pixelation but it still didn't fix all the other problems, another one being color imbalance that I can't seem to fix no matter what I tweak.

My main question  is can I buy a computer monitor instead of a TV for my playstation and find an alternative means of outputting sound, cause I tested hooking my PS3 up to my dad's computer monitor of the same brand as my TV and it looked BRILLIANT, but there was no sound. Someone please be my gaming guide and help me through this!

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Re: Need TV/Monitor

Aug 9, 2011

You can use a monitor to play your PS3 through HDMI. Till I got my new T.V a few months ago, I used a 1080p 22 inch Viewsonic monitor. What you have to do is look for a monitor that has sound output like mine, it has a 3.5mm jack. I hooked it to a good set of computer speakers, but you can use an adapter that goes from the 3.5mm jack to a red and white RCA which you can then hook to a stereo/surround sound system. I know Playstation is coming out with an official 3D T.V, but its only 24 inches and cost a lot more than a computer monitor of the same size. The only benefits to the official Playstation T.V is that it is 3D, and when you play split screen, the 3D glasses makes both players see only their own screen.

One thing to try is to hook the PS3 to the T.V with a component cable instead of HDMI. It will still be HD, just not digital.

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