Aug 15 2012
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Need Suggestion about broken ps3

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Well my ps3's blu ray drive is broken somehow so I watched a youtube video that told me how to take it apart and clean it so i did and when i put it back together the discs wouldnt go in the drive. So I dont feel like messing around with it any more because i dont think it looked dirty. 


Anyways I need suggestion on what the cheapest way to get it fixed/ buy a new on would be. I have an xbox but i only have a couple friends on there where i have 10- 15 good friends on ps3. I need to get it fixed before black ops 2 comes out!!!


These are the options i have thought about.

1. Buying a new or used one on ebay for 175-200$,

2. Sending mine in to sony to get it fixed, I heard it was 150$. 

3. Sending it into this website i found that gives an analyisis for 30$ but it doesnt have any other rates so im guessing its pretty expensive once you get it fixed. 


Does anyone have any more suggestions? By the way im 15 so i dont have that much money.  Thank you for your time.

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Re: Need Suggestion about broken ps3

Aug 15, 2012
Outside of Sony, the going rate on a Blu-Ray drive repair is about $100 practically anywhere you go...
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