Mar 26 2011
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Nat 3 and all its wonderful problems.

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Ok so like many many others out there Im having major problems with this NAT 3 crap. But before i go on let me give some information to avoide these questions later.

My ISP provider is Frontier Communications. My Modem is the Siemens Gigaset SE567. Im also using a Linksys E3000 Wireless Gaming Router. My PS3 is using a STATIC IP.

Now i consider myself to be moderately knowledgable about this routing, porting bla bla bla crap but this one is really driving me insane especially since NOTHING ive been reading over the past 2 years had been any help.

So basically ive done it all when trying to get away from NAT 3 only to fail.

Setting up DMZ: FAIL - DMZ has done jack crap ive set it up on both my modem and router and yeah failed dramatically.

Port Fowarding: FAIL - Yeah i opend all the necessary ports on both the modem and router to find out that didnt work either.

No Firewall: FAIL - Even completely shutting down my firewalls leaving me 100% vulerable to any hack happy morons failed.

Address Translation NAT: FAIL - Ive been hearing that this is one of the best way to go especially if you use a 3rd party router, but it just doesnt work. Lose internet completely.

Bridging: FAIL - This option isnt even available to me.

Frontier Customer Support: FAIL - they have the single WORST support team of any ISP povider, they dont know anything.

Using just the Modem and not the Router: FAIL - yeah no change no matter what.

Keep in mind of tried all the above in every order and combination possible.

I really beleave its the router because when i was using Frontiers older black 2 antenna wireless modem i was able to set up Address Translation NAT to my E3000 router and then everyone just used my router to get on the internet. This worked flawlessly, both PS3's that were on my network had NAT 2 and the other 3 PC's connected could surf the web freely.

Sadly with this Horrid Gigaset POS it doesnt work. So does anyone have any other ideas?

And for the record my ISP is through FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS NOT TELUS er whoever the heck they are.

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