Jul 21 2012
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Naruto ultimate ninja storm vs... Storm 2 & generations

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I think naruto ultimate ninja storm is better then the rest because theirs extra feature's had the ability to fight on walls,do clashes,do an ultimate move in you're ultimate mode & select you're ultimate mode in the character screen.One of the most important things are the boss/epic battles which I found fun interesting & pretty cool.Now ultimate ninja storm 2.They kept the epic/ultimate battles & the subtitution & block button together.They took out clashes, fighting on walls & doing you're ultimate move in you're ultimate mode also ultimate mode selections thing that worked up for it was more characters which was awesome.Finally ultimate ninja storm generations.It continued part 2 but took a lot out.They took out the epic/boss battles so now all the battles are like normal matches & the subtitution & block butttons are different which really confused me.Its the same as part 2 and if you've played part 2 I suggest you don't buy generations.If you don't believe me play the games.I am looking forward to ultimate ninja storm 3 which they brought back the epic battles which I am so excited about & its continuing the series from generations leading to 10 TAILS.look forward to storm 3.



Here is a manga site to read naruto shippuden & other manga.


Here is a site to watch naruto shippuden & other anime.

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