Apr 12 2011
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NGP burning questions ?

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I am  wondering if anybody knows the memory format the NGP will be using.

NOT the flash card that the new games will be on! and i know there will be extra space on the flash cards for dlc / updates what have you!

THE MEMORY STICK will it be memory stick pro duo or memory stick micro m2 or a brand new memory stick format.

as well, will their be internal memory like pspgo or will it cordinate with the cloud memory sony is starting. 

I ask because i have alot of downloaded games as well as umd's , and im just curios what memory standard sony will use.

PLEASE not a new format i already owm memory stick pro duo and m2

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Re: NGP burning questions ?

Apr 13, 2011

Yea I hear ya man. And basically none of your Q have been answered yet we are all waiting for that E3 Exposure. (yes I said electronic entertainment exposure "Exposure" so what)

Hit up this thread and link up all you can I am tring to get as many of us to post our links in it so we can just go and read the NGP facts, myths, legends

NGP Links Info Thread

Yes I am hoping as I have stated all over this NGP space I need the same M2 with 32gb built in at least... I got my Go can rock (depending on game choice note some titles have 6-20 games on them alone when I make this statement counting Midway Arcade Treasures as one) 18 games and have space to put a 1:30 to 2 hours worth of video content on it and then got my 4gb M2 with over 50 hours of music.....It will be (would be) nice to have 36 games and 3 to 4 hours for video content (internal 32gb) and 200 hours of music when I step up my game to a 16gb M2 as Marcos PSP says


Yes I know......"DUDE 36 games 4 or 5 of them got 13 games on it alone 3-4 hours of video content and 200 hours of music !!!!!!

Stu that is just walk down the street with all that just ready to go.....Dude the mugger won't even care about your wallet he'll just be like

"Come up off the NGP Stu I know it got 30 some odd gb and you got that 16gb M2 wit like 8 days of music on a good Santa helper and hand it over so I can put it underneath my son's tree!!!!! And you better not have SNEA deactivate the account on the way what's the # for SNEA for any product support questions I might have?"


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