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Re: NGP and Backwards Compatibility with PSP Games and PSOne Classics?

Apr 11, 2011

Yes it sounds that you agree if the money is "good" "great" as in oh yea I will profit and get to buy another expensive car good money grubbing people will go through the channels to sign a new contract to get that money....

IDK about the Disney silliness I can say that Mickey Mouse has been out since NES there was no problem then there is none now....

The only issue is the fact that if there is enuff money to be made from making a new copyright that will cover all re copyrighting issues and still put enough money in the pockets of all those involved with the whole ordeal that makes them feel yea I made money and didn't just break even to make the consumers and fans happy....then they will git'r'done....but until the market research shows that we can all make $50,000 if we put in $5,000 in work we will not touch it.....

Hey if some Joe who had top dog emulation whatever stuff and took his time out and made SNES Madden Collection operate successfully on a PSP...then EA found out that he was just handing it out for free but so many people had DL it that if EA would have done it and sold it and they would have made 5 times the amount it would have cost to do so....they would be mad and want to sue......But if the guy was not selling it what can they really do other than bite the bullet that they felt that it would not be a hit and make them money...that it would at most make the die hard fan happy

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