Mar 04 2011
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NGP Design Concern

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The NGP's analog sticks are gonna wear away in no time. they stick up  way too much. Both of them should be flat just like on psps. And, it has no protection for it's buttons or it's screen.  It only has 2 shoulder buttons. So it is gonna be difficult to play  classic ps or ps2 titles because of this. A sleek ridge should be added to the top back so that another set of shoulder buttons could be added. The NGP 3D capability will be a bit  better than nintendo's though in my opinion. Because it uses other things to produce the effect and it will be 3D no matter what angle you view it in (as i've read). There needs to be some way to protection the screen and im thinking, maybe a flexible rubber cover can be made onto it so that it folds over the screen and sticks to it without adhesive when not in use. Then when in use, you could fold it back and it'll stick to the back of the ngp. But it has to be thick enough for protection, but thin enough so that the touching sensors on the back will still function efficiently. Anyone else feel like something should be done on this subject?

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Re: NGP Design Concern

Mar 5, 2011

The current PSPs have no protection for the screen or buttons, that is why there are cases available and I am sure they will help with protecting the sticks too. The idea of the rubber falp that would stick to the back would get in the way of the touch panel.

It doesn't need other shoulder buttons there are many more ways of controlling it, L2 and R2 could be assigned to the back touch panel for example.

I have not heard of any 3D capabity for the NGP can you post some links?

I do not think they need to change anything, except provide a wrist strap because I would be worried about dropping it if both my thumbs are on sticks and some finger working the touch panel at the back, I don't think you could have a strong enough grip.

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