Aug 16 2012
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NEW! Miku game for PS3 & Vita

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I already knew this but still I still can't wait the New! -Project DIVA- Is coming out some time 2013 and It is going to be released for both the P.S Vita and the P.S 3 Sega has already made plans for it and alot of high hopes for it. I don't know if this is true but I heard It will also be released In Europe,U.S so it may not just be located in Japan

I.D.K if that's fully true but I do know 100% that this game is for both the P.S 3 and Vita I can't wait to get my copy.


What Is your guys thoughts on this game?


(If you don't know what Hatsune Miku Is or Project DIVA look it up on YouTube or Just Google it)

(More Info: Miku Is a Japanese Pop star which has been apart of something called Vocaloid the games are quite fun)

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Re: NEW! Miku game for PS3 & Vita

Aug 16, 2012

I enjoy all of Hatsune Miku's work and hearing of a new game well I just have to go and get a copy. I mean really I have played dream theater and I liked it but now this one I want it for the play station 3!


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Re: NEW! Miku game for PS3 & Vita

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Aug 17, 2012

o wow, if it comes to NA I might get this game, prolly for Vita


I just looked into this a bit more & the Vita version will be released August 30th in JP & 2013 for the PS3, I saw there they had it playable @ the past E3 partially in english & that was suppose to test if there was interest in it to localize it for NA but rite now there are no plans to do so Smiley Sad


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