Jul 03 2014
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NEED HELP: PS3 Will Not Sign Me Into PSN!

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This morning i could sign into PSN without any problem at all. I did not lag, my system did not freeze or anything. Then i turned it off for a few hours, and when i came back it would not sign me in. Every time i tried an internet connection test. It would either fail the IP Address, the Internet Connection, or the PSN section. This would happen in a random order. I tried everything i could. I restarted my router, i rebooted my PS3 (Lost all data). I did pretty much all options in safe mode. And it still will not sign me in. 

I have always had a 100% Signal and never had any automatic sign out problems except for some faulty applications like the YouTube app. I have been trying to solve this for many hours and am losing hope. I live in USA. Does anybody have any suggestions or a solution? 

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