Mar 27 2012
By: X_BROCKLEE_X Monster Hunter 35 posts

NBA 2K12's euro-step screwed up?

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Alright so i was wondering if anyone is having this issue.  On 2k camers the euro will constantly draw contact and make you force up the ******iest shot ever.  On broadcast cam it works a little better but still.  I don't bother doing them with myplayer because his euro-step is only average.  Do you think this won't happen if you're guy is excellent at euro-steps because a guy like D.Will is excellent at them but you still draw that stupid contact.  By the way myplayer team's point diff. is 19.7 do you think its time for me to step up the difficulty from Pro to All-star(simulation) or stay until I'm named to the All-Star team?

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