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Oct 12 2012
By: thesource2007 First Son 2 posts

My story.

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I remember buying my first playstation. I paid 100 bucks along with 1 controller and spyro. Who would of thought this was a beginning of a beautiful relationship. Playing resident evil for the first time middle of night the intro was scary stuff. Lol.

Then Sony announced the playstation 2 and I was blessed to get it for Christmas. I abused that console blitz, tony hawk, NCAA and I met my first ever first person shooter killzone. Best game I ever played, it was awesome amazing. A lot of sleepless night competing tony hawk or blitz with friends creating memories (college).

Finally came the playstation 3 I waited in line for exactly 8:17 hours to get the game drooling over the game resistance! I bought the 60GB and got resistance fall of man and I was blown away. I remember telling my gf I was sick and cancel my date, called into work. I played it non-stop till I beat it. Ps3 was also the first time I played online played madden 07 online. I thought it was the most amazing thing ever coming from previous console the built in wifi. Then came the launch of killzone 2 and 3 which I drooled over and bought night of launch. Again "sick" to be able to go to work story line kept me into the game couldn't put controller down. Same feeling with the releases of resistance 2. Then came along the playstation store games...infamous exclusive to ps3 was a amazing addicting game playing as a "bad" guy was awesome. Then came details in game such as uncharted the graphics were amazing.

To this day I have all my consoles my NCAA collection, my infamous collection along with killzone and resistance. I defended playstation even during their down as their high. I will always stand by Sony.
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