Dec 31 2013
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My ps3 Blu ray player freezes movies and messes up wile playing games

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hey guys my ps3's(fat) blu ray player been freezing during  blu rays movies and games, the BR movies will freeze after about 10 minutes and games will only last about 20 minuts till it too freezes. I'm still able to hold down the PS button to either "quit game" or "turn off system" but when do it beebs 3 times and completely freezes the ps3. DVD'S work fine and downloadable games work fine along with netflix, hulu plus,amazon instant, and everything els. I went into safe mode and tryed "restore file system" and "rebuild database", none of those work so i'm wondering if its necessary to do the "Restore ps3 system" option in this situation? The ps3 was fine until I put in "call of duty black ops 2"

(PS: i dont want to lose all my DATA thats on my ps3 but i also dont want to have to buy a new ps3 if this works)

                                                                                                                                                                  Any suggestions?

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