Jul 28 2012
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My playstation story

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I grew up with video games, everything from Commodore 64 to Sega Saturn to Virtual Boy and everything in between, obviously including PlayStation. Games have been the better part of my life, staving away boredom and getting me through harder times.

One of the best memories I've had, aside from conquering distant lands as a child, was in 2009 playing PS3. I had crashed my car and was unemployed looking for a job. Things weren't going the greatest mind you but the one thing that always kept me going was my PS3. I had just gotten some new games before the crash and instead of being down in the dumps I was happy. I got lost again in the digital world and it brought me back to my childhood era. I don't know what state I'd have been in had it not been for PS3 but I can tell you that I won't forget those times and to this day is the reason I still own a PS3.
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