Dec 07 2012
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My perfect Gift

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My Story , is about how i love my ps3 like everyGamer, every day i enjoy playing mi console , but everything change when the fire nation  attacked =( , unfortunately my Laser started to not working well , first the games start to freezing in a middle of war ( MW3) , it was a kind of rare but i still playing then the problem got bigger D: and it appear every time that i played  =( -.... ( Yes people is a SAS STORY ) i tried to fix all by doing all trobleshooting posible , but it doenst works ... then finally the laser went to its end !!  and now it doesnt read any disc ,so i asked help to Cust Service from ps3, then made me to do the same trobleshooting , reset all the setting , deleting updates of the games . etc etc. hahaha =( but that didnt make sense because my ps3 was  already dead ( my laser ) , then she tranfered me to recive support from a repair store , and they told me that all the cost to repair and delevery cost will be 2650 pesos ..... OMG almost a new PS3 and how people of us , mexican are poor and we dont have to much money to spend to buying psn card for a the store online D: , so u can give a very happy crisman to a poor guy from mexico giving him the 50dlls for buy somegames  for play on his console ( with unusefull laser) any way i saving money for buy the new PS4 , hahaha =( es pero que los conmueva mi historia ..


Los amo Playstations Guys !!!

que pasen una excelente navidad  y felices fiestas .

Desde Mexico les deseamos =) ....


merry Christmas and happy holydays =) love u.

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