Dec 14 2012
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My life with ps3

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I always loved the ps3. Is the only thing that i enjoy doing while in home, 3 years ago i bought the slim version of the ps3 in the usa. When i got home i was excited about playing with it but like 5 months after buying it the hdd of my ps3 just stopped working and i couldnt even play. In my country we do not have ps3's hdd support so 1 year after the accident me and my brother decided to check if we could do something, we started looking for solutions, after an hour we find out that theres a hidden menu where you can fully reset the hdd. After my brother chose the option of resetting everything the ps3 finally worked!. I was completely excited about it and the first thing i did was hug my brother and started playing. Since that accident im really careful of turning off the system simultaneoulsy and im very pleased of having a ps3.
Playstation i really would like to have a 50$ voucher because i recently bought a ps vita but in my country the games are really expensive. I live in venezuela
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