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My life with playstation.

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   I never really owned too many games during my childhood, grew up kind of poor, but my best friend who had playstation and many games, I always looked forward to going over to his house to play games or even watch him play his single player games. Twisted Metal 2 was always the most fun, always driving around blowing each other up, or just teaming up to take out the computer cars and just messing around having a good time. I never had him really come over to my house, my parents were kind of mean, and my dad drunk a lot. I hated when he was drunk.


     But anyway eventually my dad became disabled from work and it was just my mom working at this local store that sold perfume and gift baskets and such. But I wanted my best friend that I always went to his house to stay all night with me because I always went over there. But I didn’t own a playstation. I wanted us to have something to do so I startyedbegging my parents but a local video game rental store rented out systems, and I talked them into going there to rent me a console,  so we went to this rental place and wanted to rent the a playstation, but I remember getting sad when it was $15.00 a night to rent but you had to pay $150 deposit on it, so that was not going to happen.


     But then someone came in that new my dad, I assume they went to school together or something, and this guys son was the owner of the store, they chatted for awhile, and my dads friend told his son to treat is right, so we got to take home the playstation, and of course a game which was none other then Twisted Metal 2, when my friend came over we had a good time, could not save or anything though because no memory card came with it. Wasn't a bad time for first time having a friend stay all night with me. Of course my friend went home the next day and had to return the playstation to the rental place.


     Eventually I did get a Playstation, I was so happy to get it. I had Spyro with it, and I loved playing that game so much. I never got to own many games, but got to rent them on occasion, my favorite rentals were Megaman Legends 1,  Megaman Legends 2, and Twisted Metal 2. Eventually I would lose my playstation to a pawn shop because my parents needed the money. Lots of time past until I started my very first job at the age of 17 at a small grocery store being a bag/stock boy. I loved that job, my parents drove me their of course, at this time neither of them was working, my dad still disabled my mom in bad shape, so of course I had to pay for the gas trips there, and I never got to save any money because it always had to go to them. Playstation 2's were out at this time, but I did not have one.


   My friend that I always went to his house playing playstation with, I don't know we had a fall out for a while. He dropped out of school and he was driving. I was sad always giving my money away, I eventually would graduate high school, still working at my job at the grocery store, but things became much worse when the grocery store switched owners, and the new owner eventually decided to close it down due to not making enough profit due to competition. Things got bad at home, so bad I didn't have no money anymore, my dad got disability checks every month, but he got less money when I turned 18, I applied for a couple more jobs, but no luck. I had to get out of there. I got a hold of my friend that I always stayed all night at his house, he always lived with his grandparents, but they had houses they owned that they rented out, and he was living in one of them with  his girlfriend. So I got to move in with them.


    Now that I moved in there it was time to get a job. My friend and his girlfriend both worked at the bar his grandparents owned. He was the DJ, and she was the bartender, he only worked on the weekends, she worked probably 4 days a week. But his grandparents made lots of money so they paid his bills. Anyway his girlfriend’s sister was a manager at McDonalds, so I got a job there full time. I ended up being the one paying the bills though as I guess that was the agreement for me living there set by his grandparents. But I didn't care I was happy. I eventually got my playstation 2. Bills weren't so bad paying them off my mcdonalds pay since rent didn't have to be paid. I got many games on my playstation 2 but my favorite ones were all the socom games, making friends along playing with my best friend who I now lived. My other most favorite game was Everquest Online Adventures.


     I bought it for me and my friend. I never played an online RPG game before, I never even knew what one was, but this game was great so much fun the both of us bought another playstation 2. My tv was kind of small though so I needed another one to duel box so I got a big screen at a rental place. I paid for both of my subscription fees, and his grandparents paid for his. Sometimes a couple of our friends would come over with their socom games and since we both had two playstation 2's and two tv's in both of our rooms we had lots of fun. I never slept much because I worked early mornings and late at night was gaming time for us so id sleep a bit through the day. But of course paying all the bills and my 2 EQOA subscriptions. Things got really expensive especially since I always ate fast food since I couldn't afford to go grocery shopping and they never did. They eventually got a couple of dogs.



I would come home, to see they would the bathroom on the stairs up to my room, apparently they didn't think they needed to take them outside.  would step in it not seeing it, then have to clean it up because they wouldn’t. the downstairs stunk. I always stayed in my room. I had to eventually get a second job which I worked like 4 hours a night at a grocery store close to our house. I forgot to mention I walked to work also because I still didn't drive, it was a half hour walk to McDonalds, but only like 4 minutes to the grocery store in the evening, but I still made time for my PS2. Our friends would still come over and play socom. But sometimes when I got home from my second job both of my ps2's were being used so I would go to sleep why  they were playing.



The dogs would tear up things in my room, it made me so angry coming home to that. After a while I got tired of it, I always kept quiet about it, I quit my second job at the grocery store. I lived with them for about 3 years. But I was fed up and I had to get out of there, I had a big argument with them. I called my parents which I did get a better relationship over the years, they had become happier it seemed and were different parents to me. After the big fight I had with who was my best friend who had apparently became lazy and took advantage of how I paid for everything, yes I know I agreed to that when I moved in but they didn't even clean the place, they even had some friend of theirs stay there for a while who charged up a big bill on the cable box ordering pay per view shows. I did get the cable company to take it away though, this was all stuff leading up to me calling my parents to have them come get me. They had moved since I had lived with them last. I stayed with my parents about a week but I still worked at mcdonalds which was 45 minutes away and I didn't drive. But my job understood my situation so I got that week off and I found some little apartment in town. It was really small it had a living room which was my bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom.


    I stayed there maybe 3 months playing socom 3 all the time when I wasn't at work. But this apartment was really bad the stove that was in there was broken it scared me so I didn’t cook. The water never really got hot there so showers sucked. There was even this weird old lady that lived there who liked me apparently she would hang various food types on my door why I was at work and I would come home to it, even chicken hanging on my door knob in 80 degree weather why I was at work. I would always throw the nasty stuff that got spoiled away at night, plus I was afraid to eat it. Anyway I had to get out of there so I moved out of there and went back in with my parents and got a job at the mcdonalds closer to where they lived. But things weren’t bad then I was glad to pay them money why living with them, I had turned into a responsible adult. I couldn't play my socom online or EQOA it was in the country a bit so no high speed internet was only 20 minutes from work. I stayed there worked played many playstation two games, Dragon Quest 8, Final fantasy 12, but I did want to live by myself again, there were apartments right down the road from where I worked, but I had to get on a waiting list. 


    But I ended up moving in with someone who lived there and worked with me at mcdonalds, plus I met a very nice girl there. This new friend of mine that let me stay with him was really nice he didn't expect me to pay anything so I got to save up money for when I got my apartment. My girl friend I met at work came over a lot and we sang on sing star all the time, my new roommate laughed at us because we stunk at singing but it was fun. Me and my girlfriend also played Twisted Metal Black with me. I eventually got my apartment which ended up being right beside the new friend that I made who let me stay with him. Then I got internet and everything in my place then I got to play Socom online again, Combined Assault, Playstation 3 was out now but I couldn't afford one yet. I even went back to playing some EQOA, then eventually my girlfriend moved in with me, we both worked, we put our money together paid for everything had fun, singing on sing star and playing Twisted Metal Black. They I got my PS3 finally, I was so excited this new playstation console, bought it with Socom Confrontation that came with the Wireless Bluetooth Headset, It was fun getting to play all these  games that I never got to and enjoy life, and even meeting a female who does not hate video games.  We have a son together now, he's two now and he loves playstation, he is always pointing at it and gets happy when we say playstation,  Also I want to thank Playstation for giving me so many fun games to experience and probably helped keep me calm living with my roommates who lazed around all day not taking care of their pets.



This was probably way too long, but it seemed enjoyable to write about my history with playstation, I shortened it some, but don't think I can no more, and I wnated to participate the last tiem you are doing this. Also I get along with my parents better then ever and how I paid then when I worked and when to school it actually helped me when I moved out so I knew how to be responsible while having fun.

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