Apr 07 2012
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My life with Playstation

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From the beginning I have always been identified with PlayStation, I will talk as I got my PS3 was that it was not easy because they did not have enough money to buy it, I had to work all summer because my dream was to have it, after the summer with just enough money, I buy it. I remember I could only buy the console, nothing more but I was happy, when entering the PlayStation store, I thought it was great it can play many  games everything was perfect, over time I buy a lot of games but coming the testing period and my older brother who doesn't live with me borrowed my ps3, it seemed to me good idea but to my dismay when I finish with my exams and could not wait to play with my ps3 I find that my brother broke down my ps3 and I with all the effort he had made to buy it I remembered that I hadn't bought the warranty, was very angry because I knew that my brother would not give me the money, I thought I would not play in a long time but not, one day my uncle invited me to go to a casino and not whether he deserved it but I still find it very funny that the first machine I played I did win $ 800 was one of the happiest days of my life and had enough money to buy the ps3 again I remember I ran to the nearest Sony store, and buy my new ps3, with game heavy rain I love is the best ever, remember that the person who assisted me in the Sony store, and I wonder if I wanted the warranty, and I very excited, I said yes please was a very crazy but happy in my life, now I have many games, Playstation move, I love I have so much fun. and my brother never came back to play it again

I'm excited because I'm about to get all the money for buy ps vita that will make me very happy as it did ps3 but that will another story

Playstation Thanks for making me happy in my free times

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