Aug 20 2012
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My life story of cs tales of bad and good if your willing to journey into my cs story

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 My first counterstrike was when Cs condition zero came out sorry to say I missed the real cs


everyone talked about 1.6. Heres how I started my time   with counter strike. Playing games at my


freinds house every day I will always see my friends older brother play cs. I will instantly talk trash


about cs the instant I see him because I had other games on my you know what Box. Finally I had my


dad hook me online for the first time as the counter strike version for console was cheap around $10. I


was still happy to see my first game ever that had online in it. I started to play every day it had made


me love this game so much because of the team work and the one life only rule no other game had.


Every time my freinds came over to lan on with me in my house. I would tell them that halo is for lame


weaklings. Now the game I had always talked bad about I was defending it. Night and day I was on cs


but it wasnt for pc. Even though everyone said cs is better on pc I was 13 and had no money for a


computer. I loved every minute  with the worst version of cs on console still I loved cs I couldnt have


enough. I worked 2 weeks straight the following year in the summer at the state fair and made $700


also from the help of my brother we got ourself a pc and cs zero my all time favorite game. Now night


and day I chat with my freinds playing cs in de dust and the office map and rage quitting all year long


on cs zero. finally 15 and new freinds that played cs told me about something cool Hacks to me it


sounded like the best thing ever happen in cs. My friend finally done putting hacks on my pc I was


excited like getting presents in christmas jumping and laughing. Head shot! Head shot! Head shot!


was all you heard from me this made me love every second of the game. Losing sleep months after


months. I decided to take time off to get my school grade up. The instant I got on months later my


cheating finnaly caught up to me message popping up you have been Ban! Mad about this I went to


every server that I can play. My cheat meter was off the chart killing anyone willing to play on the


opposing team still mad I chose to not play fair. Then the year went by it wasn't fun to cheat anymore


now trying to play fair wasn't going to work in unsecured server every one in unsecured server was


either ban or trying their own hacks for the first time. Now I had enough and finally bought a new copy.


The feeling of not having to watch every player cheat was so incredible having the secured server was


so good I cherished every moment promising never to cheat again. After 3 year my pc let out itching


to play. now that I'm 17 with a job I could afford my own pc now cs source has already come by. I was


late to source but I had even put more time on source then I ever had on cs zero. Years gone by with


zombie mod always in my brain. This time I was 19 still playing every chance I get. Every year always


wishing for a new cs game but that was not going to happen. Turning 21 I finally let go of Cs and didn't


look back but remeber every moment of cs zero to source matches I had. Then one day waking up to


a rainy day I had watch some old cs videos on youtube stumbling on a video about Counter Strike:


Global offensive. Thinking it was a joke I looked it up on every forums and game website it was True


what I was wishing finally came true. Now its finally August 20th 2012 and all I have now is 1 Day left


till cs global offensive is out For the Ps3 to begin new memories and epic moments.


The Cs of my Life.

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