Dec 30 2013
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My life (as it revolves around video games)

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Video games have been consistent throughout my life. Actually I feel blessed to have gained the opportunity to have had video games throughout the tougher parts of my life. Although I had been with a competitor of Sonny's, I always took an interest in what Sony had going on with its own consoles. Even through my family's car tragedy which resulted in the brainsurgery and scars of my sister, the pain and anguish of my mother, the death of my father and my neverending time in my coma, which lasted close to a month, when I awoke video games were my medium through my mourning. Sony was the one brand that was there for me in that hospital bed, as it was that specific one that I always asked for from the nurse. However, as much as I wanted to partake in the Sony universe, my hospital bills were far too much to even slightly afford a playstation 1 or 2. So as a result I had to go back to the system I had back at home and even though it provided me with many more years of enjoyment, I always felt as if there was something missing in my video game library. So even through my friends playing ps2 and even my ex's playing ps2 as well, I still couldn't find a way to get one. Although I was happy with the systems and games I was receiving and had Sony's entertainment was pushing me farther away from those distractions. When I went through college many of my, highly invested, friends purchasing ps3's made me even more curious and anxious to finally get a PS3 but I guess I still had to wait as I didn't have the funds to make this dream into a reality. Fast forward about 2 years after all that when  PS3 was in its prime and overexceeding and surpassing all of its competitors, Im expecting a child and working very hard and diligently to provide for my family and the newborn on the way. Im checking my accounts where I see a overexcess of money and my first thought is to get anything else my family and my child needs, but after that I hurried to gamestop and finally purchased my long awaited Playstation 3 console along with the brand new Mortal Kombat game, the day after it was released and my journey through the world of Playstation let alone Sony begins. I brutally killed Shao Kahn, I dominated over the gods with Kratos, I assisted Ezio with his brotherhood, I unlocked the Vault and am currently killing off Handsome Jack's men. As well as taking it old school with Ratchet, Jak, and Sly as well as going thru dreamscape with sackboy. Playstation has far exceeded my expectations, has further enhanced my horizon on gaming and I expect and hope for much more to come from the playstation family.

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